It might have slipped from last year’s winner to runner-up, but Volvo XC90 D5 Inscription still ticks many of the boxes even the most discerning buyer in this segment would demand. This is reflected in its class-leading scores for standard features and ergonomics and equal class-leading scores for safety and seating comfort. For examples of its ergonomic and comfort prowess, look no further than the front seats which offer plenty of adjustability, including powered lumbar support and cushion extension. Second-row passengers have no complaints either, with space, comfort and outlook all good. An integrated child booster seat is a bonus and something other makes could well follow. The third row is not so accommodating, although this is often the case with seven-seater SUVs. The Volvo’s standard features and safety inventory are extensive. Mention should be made of two world-firsts upon the car’s release in 2015: City Safety with Intersection Collision Mitigation and Run Off Road Protection. With a 2.0-litre twin-turbo diesel engine putting out 165Kw and 470Nm, the XC90 carries its near-two tonnes well, although its handling prowess is short on dynamism.