F-PACE IS Jaguar’s first SUV. Available in 10 variants, it differs to several in the prestige SUV category by being a five (not seven) seater and with rear-wheel, rather than front wheel, bias to its all-wheel-drive capability. At around $100,000 drive-away, the powerful 30d R-Sport version with its 220kW/700Nm, 3.0-litre twin-turbo diesel V6 makes for an impressive drive, so much so it scored 9s for both performance and handling. Weighing in less than many of its competition, the Jag is light on its feet and this contributes to its overall dynamism. The F-Pace corners flat, changes direction and turns in willingly; it’s very car-like and nimble. The steering is well weighted and torque vectoring keeps the Jag tracking where the driver wants it to go. With this bias for driving engagement rather than cosseting comfort, the F-PACE rides comparatively firm, even in ‘normal’ drive mode, although in no way could it be considered unsettled. The F-Pace is no go-hard or go-home, one-trick pony, however. It finished equal highest for the environment and seating comfort score lines. The few downsides? It has a relatively high purchase price, depreciation factor and insurance cost. But in all other areas it’s more than a match for the two above it.